Alright, then, I'll go to hell.

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Anonymous asked: do you have any tips for dealing with anxiety?

I honestly don’t have any personal tips, but I’ve done some searching around and found some stuff I hope can help you. These each have a lot of good sources, so I hope there’s something here for you. <3

Masterpost with Anxiety Section 

Anxiety Resources

Calming Sites

Self-Care Tips

Anonymous asked: I am the all powerful anonymous! I bequeath you the power to change you genitals at will! Now whenever one of my unenlightened brethren ask you may tell them whatever the fuck you want. K. Good. Thx.


Anonymous asked: So do you have a vagina or a dick?


"You mean I have to ask for consent even to just kiss someone?” 

Yes. The fact that for some people, their desire to kiss is considered a higher priority than making sure the person they are kissing is up for it worries me greatly. Literally, for them, their desires are more important than anyone else’s desires or comfort. That is terrifying. 

And is it so much trouble, really? “Can I kiss you?” Oh, wow. That was so hard. I don’t even know if I have enough energy to kiss now. My lips are worn out from those four one-syllable words. 


How many times does this need to be explained until the whole world finally gets it?


Abortion. Murder.

Two words under the same thesaurus entry.


Anonymous asked: you just tagged a pro-choice thing with pro-life....

Because it involved pro-life and pro-choice in it. I want each side to see it. It doesn’t have pro-life or -choice views in it.

when people tag pro-life posts with ‘pro-choice’

Anonymous asked: What's your natural hair color, is it the blonde or the dark brown/black? I tried to bleach my hair but it stayed a bit orange and I don't know how to get it to look good...

It’s naturally very dark brown (like on the sides). I think mine is as blond as it is now because it took 4 hours to bleach. Not an exageration, by the way. It literally took 4 hours.